Guest Consultants Pediatric Practice

Akshay Kapoor

Pediatric Gastroenterologist
1502882191alpana prasad.jpg
Alpana Prasad

Pediatric Surgeon
1540390675anil gulati.jpg
Anil Kumar Gulati

1544686854anil sachdev.jpg
Anil Sachdev

1548142249archana arya.jpg
Archana Dayal Arya
Pediatric Endocrinologist
1502882131dinesh kaul sgrh.jpg
Dinesh Kaul

Consultant Pediatric Infectious Diseases
1503387356Kanav anand nephro.jpg
Kanav Anand

Pediatric Nephrologist
Mridul Chandra Das

Pediatric Gastroenterologist
1502959824neelam aggarwal.jpg
Neelam Aggarwal

Consultant Obstetrician & Gynecologist
Neelam Mohan

Pediatric Gastroenterologist
1503473524Neeraj Gupta.jpg
Neeraj Gupta

Pediatric Intensivist
1503473724nishant wadhwaa.jpg
Nishant Wadhwa

Pediatric Gastroenterologist
1503474200P L Ogra.jpg
P. L. Ogra

Professor Emeritus
1527756303pankaj vohra.png
Pankaj Vohra

Pediatric Gastroenterologist
1527680533ranjit chandra.jpg
Prof. Ranjit K. Chandra

Allergy and Immunology Specialist
1502882289r k sabharwal.jpg
R K Sabharwal

Pediatric Neurologist
1502882418r n srivastava.jpg
R N Srivastava

Senior Consultant Pediatrician, Adivsor- Child Abuse & Neglect & Child Labour (CANCL)group
Ramya Kapooria

1523605973santosh bhargav.jpg
Santosh Bharghav

Past President IAP
Sarath Gopalan

Pediatric Gastroenterologist
Saurabh Chopra

Pediatric Neurologist
1534825985shilpa garg dermat sgrh.jpg
Shilpa Garg

1536997179someshwar 2.jpg
Someshwar Singh

Consultant ENT
Sujata Sawhney

Pediatric Rheumatologist
1532281867SURESH GUPTA.jpg
Suresh Gupta

Consultant Pediatric Emergency Care
1533193322v k khanna sgrh.jpg
V K Khanna

Consultant Pediatrician
1527511315vineet sehgal.jpg
Vineet Sehgal

Consultant Pediatric Pulmonologist, IAP Respiratory Chapter
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