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The average stool frequency of Indian children is as follows:

Less than 1 month age     : 3-4 times/day

1 month to 1 year age.      : 1-2 times/day

1 to 2 year age.                 : 1-2 times/day, mostly formed

>2 year age.                      : 1 time/day, mostly formed

Addendum / Editor’s Note:

Please note that in case of new borns, who are on exclusive breastfeeding, stool frequency is variable due to change in levels of colostrum in breastmilk. So, the stool frequency of 10-15 per day in first month is also normal while a stool frequency of once in 3-5 days is also normal at age of one month plus when colostrum production goes down.

Posted On: 15/04/2019

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