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In last 25 years technology of assisted reproduction has become widespread in India. Even small towns have centers of assisted reproduction as incidence of infertility is increasing & for doctors it is financially rewarding. Three things are required for reproduction; sperms, eggs & uterus. Men keep on producing good quality sperms even over 50 years of age, whereas quality of egg in a women over 35 years of age may be hindrance for fertility. In India, families are quite happy to use sperm of prospective father and a donor egg for reproduction. Donor eggs are obtained from young women with “good” looks some of them may not have children of their own. It is done only for financial reasons. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is the union of egg & sperm done under optimum laboratory conditions. Fertilized eggs (embryos) are then transferred into uterus.

Uterus can be of the prospective mother or hired of another woman (whose eggs are never used), the arrangement is called surrogacy. Surrogacy was meant to be three party reproduction used for those prospective mothers in whom uterus could not be used for medical reasons. However, now it is used by single parent, homosexuals and for social reasons such as busy professional life. In India, at present surrogacy and IVF Laws are very liberal & Govt. of India is under the process of introducing strict laws. At present under the legal agreement, surrogate mother has no rights on the baby. She is financially compensated.

Posted On: 29/06/2018

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