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Various bleeding manifestations that are observed in thrombocytopenia are as follows.


Bleeding under the skin and mucosal membranes is called purpura



Pin point areas (0.5-3mm), red-blue-purple in color, non blanching and not palpable



Confluent lesions, usually flat. Commonly called bruises/ contusions. It may be raised in case of spread of blood to the underlying tissues.


Localized bulge caused by accumulation of blood often associated with color change of the overlying skin

Mucous membranes

Oral cavity bleeding, gingival hemorrhage, epistaxis, sub-conjunctival hemorrhage, gastrointestinal hemorrhage, menorrhagia

Purpurae that are not related to thrombocytopenia can be seen in trauma, vitamin C deficiency, infections (classically in N. meningitidis infection but also described with Varicella and group A streptococcus), vasculitides, connective tissue disorders and disorders of platelet function.

Posted On: 23/11/2018

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