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DTwP (Whole cell pertussis vaccine) Vs DTaP (Acellular pertussis vaccine)


Efficacy of both aP and wP vaccines in preventing pertussis in the first year is equivalent. After the first year, the immunity wanes more rapidly with the aP vaccines and the impact on transmission by aP vaccines is also inferior as compared to wP vaccine.

The duration of protection varies from 6-12 years.Long-term efficacy over 10 years observed to be superior with whole cell pertussis vaccine (wP).


Also, the present evidence is insufficient to conclude categorically that the effectiveness of the aP vaccines is related to the number of pertussis components alone.


1. The primary series should be completed with three doses of either wP or aP vaccines, irrespective of the number of components.

2. wP vaccine is definitely superior to aPvaccine in terms of immunogenicity and duration of protection but more reactogenic.

Posted On: 08/03/2019

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