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 Delayed cord clamping means delaying the clamping of cord for 60 seconds at  the time of birth.  Its advantages are

  • In term infants delayed cord clamping increases haemoglobin level at birth and improves iron stores for several months of life which may have favourable effect on development outcomes.

  • Ipreterm infants it has significant benefits like improved transitional circulation, better establishment of red cell volume, decreased need of blood transfusion and lower incidence of Necrotising Enterocolitis and Intraventricular Hemorrhage.

  • The umbilical cord must be kept open and dry.

  • The nappy should be folded well below the umbilical stump.

  • Dry the cord after bath by application of alcohol/spirit if required.

  • Do not use any other antiseptic or antibiotic. 

Posted On: 13/06/2019

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