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  • Desmopressin is best for children with nocturnal polyuria and normal functional bladder capacity
  • Approximately 30 percent of patients achieve total dryness with perhaps another 40 percent exhibiting a significant decrease in night time wetting
  • Relapse rate after discontinuation of desmopressin is high (60 to 70 percent)
  • Limit liquid intake one hour before to eight hours after administration of desmopressin
  • Desmopressin tablets 0.1/0.2 mg or (Minirin Melt 60mcg/120 mcg) → 1 at bedtime.

Dr Kanav Anand. Pediatric Nephrologist.

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“Desmopressin is expensive. Most children are concerned about their bedwetting when visiting friends or a camp for few nights only. In such a situation, you may start medicating 2-3 days before the planned trip and stop it immediately after the child is back home. It is a good idea to test the efficacy of Desmopressin for few days before the trip to reassure the child.”


Posted On: 01/11/2018

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