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  • Acute viral hepatitis is suspected depending on the typical history i.e. a prodrome followed by jaundice
  • LFTs show high transaminases, at least 5 to 10 times the upper limits of normal, usually in thousands.
  • INR must be checked in all cases.
  • Diagnosis is confirmed by specific acute viral markers – antiHAV IgM antibody, AntiHEVIgM antibody and HbsAg and AntiHbcIgM antibody.
  • Ultrasonography is not routinely indicated in a patient with Acute Viral Hepatitis. However, it should be done if there is suspicion of underlying chronic liver disease.
  • Very frequent LFTs are discouraged in patient with AVH if patients is clinically improving. However, it should be repeated specially Prothrombin Time/INR if patient shows clinical deterioration.

Posted On: 09/01/2019

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