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Children with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) experience excessive anxiety and worry about variety of things such as grades, family issues, relationships with peers, and performance in sports. Such children can be very hard on themselves and strive for perfections. They also tend to seek constant approval or reassurance from others. At times children with GAD(Anxiety Disorder) are unwilling to try new activities unless they are sure that they are good enough. They also tend to quit activities if they think they aren’t doing well. Often it is difficult to get them to try new things. Such children tend to have sleep difficulties, headaches, stomach aches especially at time of stressful events such as going to school. The counsellors or mental health professionals help children by identifying their anxious thoughts, how to challenge these thoughts and by generating alternative coping thoughts. Physical symptoms of stress can be addressed bydeep breathing on such occasion.

Posted On: 13/09/2018

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