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According to the Iron and folic acid supplementation program by the Government of India, the dose slabs prescribed for each age group is as follows


Iron (elemental)

Folic acid


6mo-60 mo

20 mg

100 µgm


5 years- 10 years

45 mg

400 µgm


10 years -19 years

100 mg

500 µgm



Most syrups/suspensions contains 30 mg elemental iron per 5 ml and drops contains 20 mg of elemental iron per ml.

In OPD practice, one could also prescribe 1-2 mg/kg/day as a single daily dose with advise to take care of minor side effects such as gastric upset, constipation and staining of teeth.

For treatment, patients with mild-moderate anemia (hemoglobin 7-11 gms/dl) may be started on iron at a dose of 3mg/kg/day with follow up after 14 days. If compliance is ensured and improvement is noted clinically, then hemoglobin may be repeated after 2 months of start of iron therapy. Patients who do not respond clinically and those with severe anemia need further evaluation. Once hemoglobin returns to the age appropriate normal value, iron supplementation is continued for 3 more months to replenish the stores while emphasizing on the need to prevent iron deficiency in future.

It cannot be overemphasized that dietary modifications including reducing milk ingestion, inclusion of iron rich food such as leafy vegetables, fruits, meat, vitamin C rich fruits, germinated food and avoidance of tea/coffee should be advised.

Posted On: 12/07/2018

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