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According to current guidelines, sunscreens are recommended for children aged 6 months and older only. For infants younger than 6months, most Pediatric organizations, including the American Academy of Pedaitrics, recommend keeping these children out of direct sunlight as the most appropriate photoprotection measure. In practice, if sun exposure is unavoidable, a small amount of sunscreen with a low SPF of 15 can be applied to the exposed areas such as cheeks and back of the hands.

Suncreen should be applied in adequate amounts ( 2mg/cm2) covering all exposed skin surfaces, paying special attention to areas such as ears, neck and the back of hands. It should be applied 20 minutes prior to sun exposure and re-applied every 2 hours when outdoors especially after swimming, sweating and drying off with a towel. It should be always first spread on palm of the parent/ guardian and then applied to the child.

Posted On: 09/05/2019

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