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Labial adhesions are frequently seen in infants beyond 3 months age and incidence peaks in the second year of life and  onset rarely seen beyond 3 years age.

Inflammation of the labia minora combined with low estrogen in prepubertal girls provides a possible explanation for adhesions, especially in the setting of poor perineal hygiene, trauma & vaginal infection.

Exposure to Strong detergents, Bubble baths, Harsh chemicals like Dettol are risk factors for labial adhesions

Clinical findings– Labial adhesions are diagnosed on a routine genital examination. It may be asymptomatic or cause a pulling sensation, difficulty with urination, vaginal pain or discharge, recurrent urinary tract infections, or recurrent vaginal infections.

No treatment is necessary if the adhesions are asymptomatic as the adhesions may resolve when estrogen production increases at puberty

Posted On: 08/07/2019

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