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Learning disabilities are difficulties with processing of information. They are present in the absence of any obvious handicap like visual, hearing, motor handicaps, emotional disturbance, intellectual disabilities of any environmental, cultural or economic disadvantage. Learning disabilities are also referred as hidden disabilities as the individual seems to be very bright and intelligen but still unable to demonstrate the skill expected of a similar age or grade level.The processing problems interfere with learning basic skills such as reading, writing and/or math. Learning disabilities is an umbrella term and there are many specific learning disabilities like Dyslexia(reading and language based processing); Dyscalculia (difficulty understanding numbers and math facts); Dysgraphia(difficulties with handwriting, written expression and fine motor skills).

They can also interfere with skills like that of organization, time planning and abstract reasoning. There are gaps between the individual’s potential and actual achievement. Learning disabilities are life long challenges and with appropriate support and interventions, the individuals with learning disabilities can achieve success in school and work

Posted On: 01/01/2019

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