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If a child is diagnosed with ADHD(hyperactivity, along with impulsivity and inattention), it is important to know that ADHD can be successfully managed. The treatment options to manage ADHD are: behaviour therapy (that includes training for parents and teachers), medications and school accommodations and interventions. The parents are advised to work closely with everyone involved in child’s life like healthcare providers, therapists, teachers, coaches and other family members. Behavior therapy should be considered as the first line of treatment especially in younger children (less than 6 years of age) because it gives parents the skills and strategies to help their child.  Medications can help children with ADHD as it helps control some of the behaviour problems that lead to inability to pay attention, difficulty sitting still and difficulty controlling impulses. Both parents and teachers training is necessary to help manage children with ADHD. Most children with ADHD can be in the regular classroom settings therefore the teachers need training and skills and children will benefit from classroom accommodations and modifications. 

Posted On: 18/12/2018

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