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Many a times pregnant women are found to be CMV-IgG seropositive and more than 50% of CMV-IgG positive mothers produce CMV-positive breastmilk

Postnatal CMV infection with maternal infected liquids (milk, saliva, urine) rarely causes severe clinical illness in full-term infants and it is usually devoid of relevant late sequelae, so its not a contraindication for breastfeeding.

Although options differ on how to feed a Very Low Birth Weight Infant(VLBWI) of a CMV-seropositive mother, the value of routine feeding of human milk to preterm infants outweighs the risks of clinical disease. So withholding the use of fresh breastmilk in the nutrition of VLBWI no longer seems justifiable.



Posted On: 06/08/2019

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