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The 2015/AAP guidelines recommend the use of pulse oximetry to determine oxygen saturation (SpO2) because skin color (cyanosis) is a poor indicator of oxyhemoglobin saturation as it normally remains in the 70 to 80 percent range for several minutes following birth

The pulse-oximeter probe should be attached to a preductal location on the right upper extremity, usually the wrist or medial surface of the palm, as soon as possible, in following situations-

· When resuscitation is anticipated

· Positive pressure ventilation is used for more than a few breaths

· Persistent cyanosis

· Use of supplementary oxygen

The following are targeted preductal SpO2 levels for both preterm & term infants. (Time in minutes after delivery):

· 1 minute – 60 to 65 %

· 2 minutes – 65 to 70 %

· 3 minutes – 70 to 75 %

· 4 minutes – 75 to 80 %

· 5 minutes – 80 to 85 %

· 10 minutes – 85 to 95 %

Posted On: 06/06/2019

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