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Exposure to environmental pollutants can trigger non-infective bronchitis and chronic cough in children. Worldwide, indoor air pollution is a major contributor to respiratory health. Children show more severe symptoms than adults due to their smaller and more reactive airways.

The most important indoor air pollutants include tobacco smoke, biological pollutants (eg, dust mite, moulds, pets, cockroach dander), oil fumes generated by frying cooking, nitrogen dioxide from unvented gas heating and particulate matter from wood or coal stoves.

The importance of environmental tobacco smoke in respiratory health of children is well established and should always be addressed in children with chronic cough.

Similarly, hazardous outdoor air pollutants can be a contributing factor to chronic cough and bronchitis in children. In most cases, these exposures contribute to the development or persistence of chronic cough but are unlikely to be the sole cause.

Posted On: 25/07/2019

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