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Drinking water being supplied by Delhi Jal Board is (DJB)potable, wholesome and conforms to drinking water specification BIS 10500- 2012. The permissible limit of total dissolved solids(TDS) as per above standard is 2000 mg/liter. Whereas TDS in DJB supplied surface water rarely exceeds 400 mg/liter. Using R.O. on this water further decreases TDS. Which not only lacks minerals like calcium and magnesium but also leaches (absorb)minerals from the body. If you are getting DJB surface water supply in your area, instead use simple candle filter for removing any turbidity. Also, please don't use online booster pump, that creates pressure inside water main pipelines, thus attracting contaminants from nearby environment of pipeline, through its joints. Instead store DJB supplied water in underground tanks then use booster pump to lift water to overhead tanks to prevent any contamination. If you are using RO water make sure there is sufficient calcium intake from the diet or as supplements.

Posted On: 08/06/2019
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