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  • Proteins are normal constituent of urine and are excreted normally in range of 50 to 150mg/day and mostly originate from renal tubules.
  • Excess excretion of Proteins in urine i.e. Proteinuria is always a hall mark of renal pathology
  • Uristix can be used to screen for proteinuria as it has a High sensitivity but moderate specificity.
  • Urine protein / creatinine ratio in first morning sample is a better way to check for proteinuria. Its normal value in children is 0.2.
  • Urine microalbumim / creatinine ratio (<30mg/gm) is an early indicator of renal injury in Hypertension, Diabetes, Vascular Disease.
  • 24 hour urine protein measurement in children is rarely required.


Posted On: 15/05/2019

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