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Psychosomatic disorders consist of clinical symptoms with no underlying organic pathology. Most common symptoms observed in children are abdominal pain, headaches, difficulty in breathing,chest pain, fatigue, excessive worry about health. Most symptoms appear to be responses to stress like school work, learning difficulties, family problems, peer pressure, bullying, chronic disease, family moves and other psychosocial factors. A thorough medical (physical examination, eye check up , hearing assessment etc)and physical examination by a medical practitioner to rule out any organic etiology for the symptoms should take place before making a referral to mental health professional for psychosomatic disorder. The characteristic of the psychosomatic problems are vagueness of symptoms, their inconsistent nature, pattern, varying intensity, etc. In most cases, cognitive behaviour therapy(CBT) and parent counselling is often used as treatment for psychosomatic disorders.


Posted On: 28/05/2018

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