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Type of patienta


New microbiologically confirmed Pulmonary TB

New Clinically diagnosed Pulmonary TB

New microbiologically confirmed extra-pulmonary TB

New Clinically Diagnosed extra-pulmonary TB

Drug sensitive Previously Treated TBc (Recurrence, Treatment after loss to follow up, Treatment after Failure)










  1. Molecular testing shall be done in all new cases in children with suspected TB at diagnosis.
  2. In case of Neuro and spinal TB the continuation phase is extended to 10 months
  3. All these categories of children shall be evaluated as (Drug resistant) DR TB suspects and evaluated as per DR TB Algorithm. Drug Susceptibility Testing (DST) based treatment shall be followed. In case they are found to be Drug sensitive they shall be started on the above regimen as for a new case. This group was earlier treated with CAT II regimen which is now withdrawn from RNTCP.

Posted On: 22/03/2019

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