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The bedwetting alarm helps the child learn to wake up just in time before the bladder empties. It is a moisture sensitive device. The child has to get up at night and go to the bathroom to achieve dryness.

The alarm is a light-weight device and easy to operate. It consists of a sensor that goes into the underwear and is connected to a sensor box with a wire.

If the child does not recognize the signal from a full bladder, wetting occurs. The wet sensor activates the wireless bedwetting alarm and the child gets up and holds the urine. Soon, he/she wakes up quickly to bedwetting alarm as the signal from the full bladder begins to get recognized. Eventually, the child gets up before the alarm goes off.

Seven out of ten children become dry after using the alarm and those who relapse can restart using the alarm to become dry again. It takes more than eight weeks to be dry with an alarm. The parents have to help waking up a deep sleeper. The child should be involved in cleaning and remaking of the bed.

The approximate cost of this device is approximately Rs. 2500/- onwards and is easily available at many online stores


Posted On: 02/11/2018

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