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New born &Infant

Massage the baby gently. Vigorous massage can lead to injuries and fractures.

Do not shake your baby vigorously or toss the baby in the air while playing, as it may cause bleeding in the brain.

Never leave your baby (irrespective of his age) alone on changing tables, beds, sofas or chairs.
Put your baby in safe place such as crib or playpen when you can- not hold him.

Safe guard all areas in the house where a child can fall.

Do not use a baby walker. Your child is likely to tip it over or fall down the stairs in it. Moreover it slows his development


Choking & Suffocation

Make the baby sleep on his back to prevent possible suffocation.

Do not put chains/taveej around the child’s neck as it can cause injury/suffocation.

Dispose off plastic wrapping im- mediately to a safe place as child can suffocate while playing with them.

Do not give nuts to your child till the age of 5 years. Your child can choke on it.

Children are fond of hiding in empty refrigerator, cupboards and other furniture which can be very dangerous. It is always bet- ter to lock these things



Never carry your baby and hot liquids (such as Tea/coffee) at the same time.

Never leave cups of hot coffee on tables or counter edges as children grab/pull at everything.

Always check the temperature of the water by putting your hand before giving bath to the baby. .

Keep your child out of the kitchen while cooking or ironing or put a barrier around them.

Cover all electricity points with safety sockets or empty plugs.

Do not give steam to your child as there is a very high chance of burns. Steam has very little bene- fit.

If your baby gets burned, immediately put the burnt area under running tap water for 10 minutes and get in touch with your doctor



Children put everything into their mouth, even if it doesn’t taste good. Many ordinary things in your house can be poisonous to your child.

Be sure to tighten the lid/cap on household products such as cleaners, chemicals, and medicines. Keep them completely out of sight and reach.

Use safety latches on drawers and cupboards.

Keep medicines in their original container. Never refer to medicines as candy. Always check the label and dosage of the medicine before giving to the baby.

If your baby swallows anything poi- sonous or an medicine-
CALL doctor or
24X7 Poison Control Centre, AIIMS: 01126593677, 01126589391, 1800116117.


Car Injuries

All infants and children should ride in the back seat of the car preferably with an attendant.

Use the car safety seat/belt every time your child is in a car.

NEVER leave your child alone in the car.

Walk behind your car before you back out of your driveway to be sure your child is not behind your car. You cannot see your child through the rear view mirror



NEVER leave your child alone in or near a bathtub, pail of water, swimming pool even for a moment.

Empty all buckets after each use. Keep the bathroom doors closed.


Animal Safety

Children who play or tease animals are often bitten.
Educate them.

Get the pets and children vaccinated against rabies.


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