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“Sleep Hygiene”term is used for Behavioral and environmental practices that  are intended to improve sleep quality.

Sleep hygiene tips:

  1. The place of sleep should be quiet, comfortable and should have appropriate temperature
  2. Use bed only for sleeping, not for watching TV, playing, eating or working on laptop or mobile.
  3. Going to bed and getting out at same times even at weekends
  4. Try to sleep when feeling tired or sleepy rather than staying awake
  5. Good to avoid afternoon naps
  6. Performing sleep rituals induces sleep like brushing teeth, changing night dress
  7. Frequently checking the clock keeps awake, avoid doing it
  8. Eat healthy balanced diet, avoid sleeping in empty stomach or overeating
  9. Doing regular exercise is good for good sleep
  10. Avoid stimulants like caffeine before sleep

Posted On: 25/04/2019

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