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Speech and language, though used interchangeably, are different. Language includes both-the understanding (i.e. receptive) part of the language and expressive language (i.e. ability to convey information, feelings, thought and ideas). Non-verbal communication includes symbolic gestures, pointing with an index finger to indicate needs or share joys, eye contact, joint attention, social gestures and emotion expression. Speech is the verbal expression (expressive component of language). Given below is Speech Screening, which can be done in office practice –


By 1 year age: Says Mama, Dada

By 2 years age: Names few familiar objects like Milk, Food, Water, etc

By 3 years age: Repeats rhymes after the care giver

By 4 years age: Uses Short Sentences

By 5 years age: Speech is understood by people outside the family.

Posted On: 21/07/2018

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