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Its less commonly seen as compared to other forms of Perineal Dermatides. Incidence is more in age group of 6-9 months and more common in male infants.

It is characterized by sharply demarcated, bright erythema in the perianal area. Starts at the anus & spreads centrifugally upto vulva/ scrotum. Also associated with foul-smelling, macerated erythema of the inter-triginous areas.

Pruritus is very common some infants would have a rectal pain also – both resulting in an irritable infant while hematochezia (bleeding per rectum) can also be seen in few cases

Very often, it spreads in other family members.

Diagnosis is confirmed by skin swabs cultures from Anal skin, ASO titres and when available by Strep Rapid Antigen detection test in throat swabs

Treatment: Oral amoxicillin or 1stgeneration cephalosporins in addition to Topical Muperocin or Fusidic acid for for 5-7 days


Posted On: 07/03/2019

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