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The normal platelet count remains between 150,000 - 450,000/µL from late fetal life into adulthood. Although platelet count <150,000/µL is defined as thrombocytopenia, many normal individuals have a platelet count in between 100,000-150,000/µL. Hence for immune thrombocytopenia, the consensus definition is more restrictive and a count <100,000/µL is considered significant, warranting further evaluation.


Thrombocytopenia is suspected when a child presents with petechiae, easy bruising or mucosal bleeding. Very often thrombocytopenia is asymptomatic and is detected incidentally during a routine evaluation for another complaint. Although the risk of bleeding increases with the degree of thrombocytopenia, spontaneous mucosal bleeding is not seen in platelet count above 20,000/µL.

Posted On: 22/11/2018

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