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  1. Destroy their breeding places-eg: Stagnant water anywhere in the house and its surroundings like remove receptacle of standing water, old tyres, toys, flower pots, cans, buckets, barrels, etc.
  2. Prevent their entry into house - use single entrance for the house. Preferably, everybody should enter & exit the house from same door. Use air curtains on the entrance door as you have seen on restaurants & eating places.
  3. Use double door windows and doors with wire meshes to prevent the entry of mosquitoes.
  4. Cover the drainage holes in the bathroom with inverted plastic mugs or containers, to prevent breeding of mosquitoes.
  5. During season wear socks, long pants and long sleeved shirts.
  6. Use mosquito repellents on exposed parts of the body like ear, forehead etc. Most of the repellents are not to be used for children under 3 months of age(read the accompanying literature of the product) Do not use them under clothing as most repellents are effective only for few hours, depending on their strength. Do not apply on the hands as children might ingest them. Remember, the repellents do not kill the mosquitoes they only repel them.
  7. Mosquito traps, electrocuting rackets, ultrasonic repellents , ingestion of garlic , and most other similar devices are of doubtful effectiveness.
  8. Use of mosquito nets during night is cumbersome but good.
  9. Mosquitoes do not like fan at high speed .
  10. Mosquitoes are attracted to people by their body odour .That’s why they bite some and spare others in the same room.

Posted On: 15/07/2018

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