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Ivermectin 0.5%, is applied to dry scalp and hair closest to scalp first, then apply outward towards ends of hair, completely covering scalp and hair. Leave on for 10 minutes (start timing treatment after the scalp and hair have been completely covered). The hair should then be rinsed thoroughly with warm water. No other head-wash or shampoo should be used for next 24 hours after application. Avoid contact with the eyes. Nit combing is not required, although a fine-tooth comb may be used to remove treated lice and nits. Lotion is for one-time use; discard any unused portion.


Permethrin 1% still remains the recommended first-line head lice treatments followed by malathion 0.5% lotion as a second-line treatment. Topical Ivermectin is reserved as third line treatment as its use is limited due to poor availability in India. Its available as IVREA## Cream or Shampoo.


Caution : Not recommended for infants before age of 6 months. Not to come in contact with mucous membranes i.e. eye, Oral, Vagina


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Posted On: 19/07/2019

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