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SCABIES is a common skin infestation caused by the mite S.scabiei. The treatment of choice of scabies is 5% permethrin cream, which is to be applied from neck down and left on for 8-14 hours and followed by rinsing. It is not to be used in < 2months of age. In infants treat the scalp as well. It can be repeated in 1week.

For children < 2months of age, use sulfur 6% ointment in petroleum base for 3 consecutive nights from neck below and rinse after 24hours of last application. This preparation is to be made in a pharmacy.

The new oral drug in scabies is IVERMECTIN marketed as tablets of 3,6,9 and 12mg.Single dose of 200 µg/kg is given. Another dose to be repeated after two weeks. Its not to be used in children below 5years of age. It is preferred to be given in severe infestations, immunocompromised children and crusted scabies.

Most important treatment is to treat the family members or people in close contacts simultaneously.

Posted On: 18/05/2018

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