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When a HV positive mother is not opting to Breastfeed and is  is making an informed choice for exclusive replacement feeding, the replacement feed should fulfill the AFASS CRITERIA laid down by WHO- 

A – Affordable

F – Feasible

A – Acceptable

S – Sustainable

S – Safe 

Explain the advantages of Exclusive Replacement Feeding(ERF) as

(i)No risk of HIV transmission; and

(ii) ERF milk can be given by other persons.

Also enumerate the disadvantages like-

(i) Animal milk is not a complete food for baby;

(ii) Formula milk may be complete but is expensive;

(iii) Baby has more risk of infections- diarrhea, respiratory and ear infection and malnutrition; and

(iv) Careful and hygienic preparation required each time to sterilize feeding cups, using boiled water and fresh preparation of all feeds 12-15 times in the first 4 months of baby’s life

Posted On: 05/08/2019

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