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Inguinal hernias never go away without surgery.This is a condition in which surgery is advised to be done as early as possibleas the risk of hernia getting incarcerated is as high as 30 to 40%. If not tackled in time it can lead to major complications of gut and testis necrosis. Also emergency anesthesia may further increase the risk for the child.

Post operative apnea is the commonest problem in hernia surgery especially in prematures. To minimise this it is desirable to perform surgery once the child is more than 49 weeks of gestational age or weighing more than 2.2 kg.

The risk of hernia manifesting on the contralateral side after unilateral repair is just 10 %. Although the patent processus vaginalis may be present in higher number of cases but it may not manifest as hernia later on. So as per present recommendations bilateral repair is not routinely done in cases of a unilateral inguinal hernia

Posted On: 19/06/2018

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