dr Saurabh Chopra
Pediatric Neurologist

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  • Presence of focal neurological deficits on examination.
  • Papilodema on fundus exam.
  • Very young child (<3yr old), VP shunt in situ.
  • New onset headache(less than 6 months onset) with relentless worsening quality or very severe headache.
  • Headaches associated with early morning worsening/worsening on awakening.

Headache for more than 6 months duration are unlikely to be associated with positive findings on neuro-imaging. When neuro-imaging is ordered MRI brain should always be preferred (over CT head) and if it does not reveal any definite cause of headache,an MRI-Venography should be done in the same sitting.

Posted On: 24/07/2018

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