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A child should be referred to a Pediatric Gastroenterologists if not responding to conventional therapy for 3 months or more (refractory constipation) OR if there is Persistent fecal incontinence inspite of treatment OR when an underlying organic cause is suggested by presence of any of these red flag signs in history of examination-

  • Delayed passage of meconium
  • Onset of constipation in early infancy,
  • Failure to thrive
  • Ribbon or pellet stools
  • Bilious vomiting
  • Uniform abdominal distension
  • Recurrent lower respiratory tract infections
  • Neuro-developmental delay or regression
  • Gush of stools on digital rectal examination (DRE)
  • Anal malformations
  • Abnormal neurological examination (paraspinal, lower limbs and anorectal reflexes)

Posted On: 20/04/2019

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