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  • Dull-looking/glazed eyes
  • Drowsiness
  • Needle marks
  • Tremors/Hallucinations
  • Changes in speech-rapid, slowed, slurred
  • White specks on nostrils or clothing
  • Frequent trips to the bathroom

‚ÄčThe impact of drugs is very disastrous on human beings. The users become so addicted to the consumption of drugs that for their purchase they start stealing money from their home, committing theft, robbery, and even murder. Addicts avoid facing the challenges of life, do not care about relationships, lose confidence in themselves besides having poor immunity, HIV, Hepatitis and other physical and mental diseases.

There are primarily three kinds of abused drugs whose brief description would follow in our future posts

  • Drugs that come from natural sources - Cannabis, Heroin & Cocaine
  • Synthetic drugs &
  • Prescription drugs

Posted On: 16/11/2018

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