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  • Cadaveric liver transplantation the liver of a brain dead person, whose family volunteers to donate, is used.
  • Living related liver transplantation : In living related liver transplantation, a part of the liver from a living related donor is used in the child. The donor has to be spouse or first degree relative or emotionally related to the patient with matching blood group. The donor should provide an informed consent and also must undergo psychological evaluation. The donor should be 18-55 years old, weighing 55 - 85kg but not fat, should be healthy with normal liver and kidney functions, HBsAg, HCV and HIV negative. The donor undergoes complete evaluation of heart, lungs, kidney and other organs. A CT scan is carried out on the donor to evaluate vascular anatomy and graft volume. MRI (MRCP) provides information of the biliary ducts.
  • Most people think that we have only one liver so how can we donate it? We have nearly 70% extra liver and a healthy liver is the only organ which regenerates so it is very safe for the donor.

Posted On: 24/01/2019

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